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kayaking Estonia teams wateracivity reiman outdoor
Kayaking is so much fun! Kayaking is done in the Baltic Sea, we can make a few hours trips or even days to Estonian smaller islands. Kayaking in Estonia provides an opportunity to witness diverse marine and bird life along the Baltic Sea coastline- may it be rare bird species or curious seals. We have trips for those who look for romantic tours, for those wishing to get an exciting experience, and for those who are willing to educate themselves about local nature and culture. Such small islands like in Estonian coastal waters cannot be found elsewhere and the limestone cliff is worth seeing. The best way to explore our natural treasures is to use a sea kayak.
Active tourism
kayaking Estonia teams wateracivity reiman islands
Kayaking and diving
You can experience two in one and also try diving on some of our sea kayaking trips. The best diving place is nearby the island of Mohni. Its coastline is attractive for divers as the water gets deep quickly there are interesting boulders to be seen and many fish in the waters. The diving activity is guided by experienced instructors who have also worked in Egyptian waters. Previous diving experience is not needed as the diving takes place together with an instructor after thorough guidance.
Active tourism
rigas laivas From Cucumber to Pepper Riga
"From Cucumber to Pepper" - Skills and Knowledge on Water
Looking to enhance your water skills and safety knowledge? Join our guided activities called "From Cucumber to Pepper"! It doesn't matter if you're inexperienced or have limited water experience; everyone is welcome. We'll cover topics such as SUP, sea kayaking, and canoeing, teaching various water techniques, safety measures, and more.
Wildlife Watching
Bear Warching in Europe
Brown Bear Watching from a Hide
Spend a night at our Brown Bear and wildlife-watching hide. Situated in Alutaguse, an area covered with western-taiga forests and vast bogs in Northeast Estonia, it is home to about half of Estonia's 1000 Brown Bears. The hides have windows on both sides offering a view of the taiga forest and a stream and flooded meadow. Here you can spot a variety of wildlife such as raccoon dogs, elk, wild boar, roe deer, and otters. You can also listen to the soundscape of the surrounding wildlife through the sensitive microphone outside the hide.
Active tourism
Winter activity Estonia dogs sledge hike heinrich lukk
Sled Dog Tour on Bog Islands
A 45-minute car drive from Tartu takes you to Peipsiveere Nature Reserve, one of Estonia's wildest and least inhabited areas. Join us for a guided sled dog tour through forests and across numerous bog islands, where you'll encounter signs of moose and other wildlife activities.
Active tourism
Easy ride E Bike Līgatne Sigulda Līgatne
E-Bike Līgatne-Sigulda-Līgatne
Our journey commences at Līgatne Nature Trails Information Center. En route to Sigulda, we'll traverse one of Latvia's most picturesque cycling paths, hugging the Gauja River. At certain points, we'll carry bikes on stairs, aided by our guide. Following Sigulda's Gauja Bridge, the classic MTB route takes us to Krimulda Manor via Velnala. Appreciating Sigulda's cycling infrastructure and e-bike advantages in its terrain, we'll pause at a café. From Paradīzes Hill, we'll retrace our path via the Nurmižu road to Līgatne, savoring tranquility, road, and rural expanses—a contrast to forests and urbanity. The journey concludes at Līgatne Nature Trails Information Center.
Active tourism
canoe river Estonia nature paddeling ahja matkad
Evening canoe trip on the river Ahja
Experience the picturesque and primeval nature of the River Ahja on a guided canoe trip during a summer evening in South Estonia. As you pass the stunning sandstone cliffs at Taevaskoja , time seems to stand still during the long, lush Nordic twilight. No experience is necessary for our guided canoe trips. Life jackets are provided to all participants, regardless of their swimming ability. The instructors will also provide a safety briefing before the journey begins. Your experienced instructors will share their knowledge about the local area, its flora, fauna, and the river's history. You'll gain insights into the ecological importance of this pristine natural environment while enjoying your adventure.
Package tours
8 day self guided hike view
8-Day Self-Guided Hike in Gauja National Park
Go on an adventure along an 8-day self-guided hiking trail through Latvia's awe-inspiring Gauja National Park. This journey harmonises natural wonders and cultural exploration, ensuring an incredibly memorable experience.
Nature educational
Soomaa adventure family estonia outdoor canoes
Family Adventure Retreat
This a two day family adventure camp with plenty of time to explore the outdoors, play and learn new skills. It's the best way to experience wild Soomaa National Park and enjoy quality time together with your children. We explore the big bog system, learn how to make fire and build a shelter and go on a canoe journey. There is time to enjoy the hot tub next to the river and go to the smokesauna. Kids have their movie night and parents can relax in the saunas. The activities are suitable for 5-12 year old kids and their parents.
Active tourism
nordic ski estonia adventure haanja nature
Nordic Ski Touring in the highest peaks of Baltics
Embark on a a two-day Nordic ski tour in the rolling hills of southern Estonia - Haanja Highlands are home to the highest peaks in the Baltics. Our experienced guides will take you through the best nordic ski areas, while teaching you basic skills to make the most of your adventure. This tour is perfect for those seeking a challenge and an unforgettable experience in snow covered winter landscapes. Deep forests, sleepy villages and locals with kind but slow vibe. The open bookings are for the slow lynx tour - climb up the 20 highest peaks with skis over one weekend! Navigate through rugged terrains, snowy trails, and pristine forests. Our experienced guides will accompany you every step of the way, ensuring safety and providing fascinating insights into the local geography. Whether you are looking to push your limits or a nature enthusiast seeking new routes, the snow lynx hike promises an unforgettable journey through Estonian peaks.
Food and foraging
Gatavo Daba Hiking with a Taste
Hiking with a Taste
Join for a 6-hour culinary adventure in nature! We'll start the day with a delicious breakfast and coffee an hour away from Riga. After hiking for 2-3 hours, taking in the stunning scenery and enjoying a picnic if we feel like it, we'll find a spot in nature to cook up 5-6 different dishes and a mouth-watering dessert. With the guidance of our skilled chef, we'll use the natural surroundings to create a unique culinary experience. This adventure is perfect for foodies who want to learn new cooking techniques and enjoy delicious food in a beautiful outdoor setting. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience!
Wildlife Watching
Natourest estonia mammals watching elk nature selfguided
Estonian Birds and Mammals – Self-Guided Tour
This self-guided tour will lead you to Alutaguse NP where you’ll get close-up views from a Brown Bear hide; to world famous Matsalu NP on the western coast and taiga forests area Lahemaa NP.
Active tourism
Easy ride r bike Tuja Salacgriva beach
E-Bike Tūja-Salacgrīva
Our journey begins in Liepupe village, formerly known as Pernigele, near the "Sidrabiņi" tavern. We'll travel from Liepupe to Lembuži, hugging the coastline to Tūja village at a relaxed pace. Then, we'll reach Ķurmrags lighthouse, exploring the Ežurga cliffs, a 2km sandstone strip, with the guide's assistance to carry bikes over rocks. Expect many picturesque stretches. Riding on the coastal sand is weather-dependent. We'll pause for a break at Veczemju cliffs, then continue along the coast with a brief highway section to the Vitrupe rivermouth and a breathtaking coastal ride to Svētupe rivermouth. Through forests, we'll explore bends and the Nēģu (lamprey) dunes, concluding our journey at Salacgrīva's "Tači."
Food and foraging
Mushrooms outdoor estonian nature wildfood southestonia guided Ke
Foraging Wild Mushrooms and Berries in Southern Estonia
Join an expert guide on a foraging adventure for wild mushrooms and berries in Taevaskoja primeval valley, the most beautiful area in Southern Estonia. We pair what we have picked with our high-quality, homegrown ingredients to create an unforgettable meal, providing you with a unique experience of traditional Estonian cuisine. After a long day in the forest, unwind in a hot sauna and take a refreshing plunge into the pond — a perfect way to end the day.
Nature extreme
Sigulda adventures bungee jump
Bungee Jump From Cable Car
Bungee Sigulda is a unique place in Europe, where jumps with a bungee are taken from a cable car. The height of a jump above the river Gauja is 43m. As safety is the main priority for each jump the technologies and inventory are developed strictly observing the standards of mountain climbing and dangerous equipment with a safety reserve of 7-20 times. Since 1992 Sigulda Bungee is giving an opportunity to fulfil one of the most memorable adventures in a life time in a safe way. More than 100 000 people have tried this attraction already.
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Baltic nature travel Hiking Adventure in Gauja National Park
Hiking Adventure in Gauja National Park
Hiking in this area involves climbing up and down countless hills while enjoying the scenery with Gauja river valley views, wonderful sandstone outcrops, big and small caves, wild flora and fauna, and natural springs. The highlights of the hiking route include Sigulda town, the medieval Sigulda Castle, the historical paper-mill village of Līgatne, the Āraiši Archeological Park, featuring a reconstruction of a 9th-10th century settlement on a lake, the scenic Līču-Laņģu sandstone cliffs, and the Baltic Sea coastline with its fine sandy beach and untouched scenery.
Active tourism
adventure fatbike tour estonia nature outdoors
E-FAT tour in Estonia
We offer E-FAT tours around Estonia in the place of your choosing. We have an extensive network of tracks and contacts around Estonia to introduce you different faces of Estonia. Our guides are experienced and ready to bring the best solutions for your needs and interests.
Active tourism
adventures cycling fatbike estonia nature forest letsgo
Fatbike adventure near Pärnu
Since summer is a feeling, not a season, we warmly recommend visiting summer capital Pärnu at any time of the year! Less than 30 km from Pärnu is located the idyllic fishing village Lindi and the Romantic Coastline. The forest and the sea bring peace of mind, the soul can be recharged on the dunes of the Lind bog and the Potsepa quarry adds excitement.
Nature extreme
Preeriakoda wild survival outdoors bonfire forest estonia nature
Forest survival and bushcraft
At the exciting survival huts along the route, there are tutorials and tools to train the skills you need to survive in the forest. These are the knowledge and skills that our predecessors have encountered daily and successfully solved for tens of thousands of years.
Active tourism
Rigas laivas Explore Riga from the Water
Explore Riga from the Water
Embark on an exciting water escapade in Riga's canals. Choose from single or double sea kayaks, SUP boards, or even a team SUP board for a fun group experience. With multiple routes available, you can paddle through Zunda Canal, glide past the historic Old Town, or journey towards the Riga Shipyard. While guides are available upon request, the allure of self-guided exploration lets you set your own pace and immerse in the surroundings. Discover Riga's charm from a unique perspective as you navigate the waterways at your leisure, creating a remarkable memory of your Latvian visit.
Soul tours
sense of team adventure 24Hour Raft Mission
24 Hour Raft Mission with Adventure Therapy elements
The 24 Hour Raft Mission is an amazing opportunity to experience Latvian nature in a raw and intense way. The main focus is on practical learning - how to build a raft with your own hands and later use it to spend a night on a river. You will experience how important it is to work in a team to reach the goal, you will get out of your comfort zone and you will experience the flow of Latvian nature first hand. To make this experience even more valuable, we as trainers, will use some adventure therapy methods to help you link your experiences with your daily life challenges and current struggles. We believe that a real adventure is not only adrenalin filled, but mainly something what has happened and moved in you as a person - your thoughts, emotions, beliefs. The nights before and after the mission you will spend in an idillic old Latvian house in the middle of amazing nature.
Soul tours
Mustjõe smokesauna authentic experience estonia
Authentic Estonian Smoke Sauna Experience
A former winter tavern in the forests of the Kõrvemā region, Estonia, offers a glimpse into life in Estonia a century ago, showcasing local traditional architecture and serene natural surroundings. During a guided two-hour tour, you'll enter an archaic threshing-dwelling where people lived without electricity for centuries. You will relax and unwind with a traditional smoke sauna experience, followed by indulging in delicious, locally sourced farm-to-table cuisine.
Package tours
adventures cycling fatbike estonia nature outdoor
Awesome 3-day E-FATBIKE adventure on the picturesque northern coast
We will start our journey next to Viru bog and move towards eastern Estonia. Our ride takes us to the coastal area, allowing us to enjoy beautiful pine forests and exciting trails with views to the sea. First day will end in an old submarine harbour, where we will enjoy a nice dinner. Second day starts from Hara harbour and we will move towards Loksa and Võsu. Again we will experience a lot of untouched nature and see places, where nature has beaten what man has once created. Our destination for the day is Võsu area where we can relax and enjoy our dinner. On the third day we have Oandu-Ikla hiking trail waiting for us. This is one of the most famous hiking trails in Estonia but due to it´s length it is not crowded at all. It will be truly enjoyable ride through the forests. If you are interested to experience Estonian nature in it´s full glory and take the most of it then this is the trip to take! Additional information: For bikes we will use Tunturi electric fatbikes, which will assist the rider so you can enjoy the ride and surroundings. Distance we cover for each day will be about 50km. We will have fresh batteries for the bikes for each morning so we do not have to worry about running out of electrical support.
Food and foraging
Gatavo Daba Restaurant in the Forest jpg
Restaurant in the Forest
In our forest restaurant we offer a unique outdoor dining experience that promises to captivate your senses. Our freshly cooked meals are prepared right next to your table over an open fire, adding a touch of magic to the setting. Our restaurant tables, adorned with charming plates and silverware, are set amidst the serene beauty of nature, providing the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience. Our menu features a wide variety of delectable dishes, crafted using only the freshest locally sourced ingredients. From sumptuous lunches to delectable dinners, each dish is cooked with care and precision, allowing you to savour the flavours in their purest form.