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Baltic Nature Tourism is a collaborative consortium comprising over 120 individual nature and outdoor specialists across Latvia and Estonia. This platform is part of the NAT-TOUR-EXPO project, designed to promote and support the collaboration of Baltic nature tourism companies on the UK tourism market.

For enquiries and bookings, please click on the booking form by each tour. If you have any specific interests or ideas for your ideal nature holiday, then please feel free to ask us, we would love to hear from you.

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Please find listed below the individual nature and outdoor service providers.

We make real adventure events!
Natourest OÜ
Nature tours in the Baltic States: birdwatching and mammal watching - brown bear, lynx, wolf, and more.
Rīgas Laivas
Since 2010, Rīgas Laivas has traversed Riga's canals and waterways. The concept blossomed from Dutch adventures, inspiring kayaking along urban waters. This spark birthed Rīgas Laivas, aiming to echo this in Riga—abounding with captivating routes like Daugava River, urban canals, and Ķīšezers Lake. Originating with six boats at Andrejsala's Floating Workshop, the fleet grew with two fjord-traveled sea kayaks. Shifting to Andrejsosta Yacht Club accommodated all-weather boating through the canal's wind-shielded entry. Rīgas Laivas welcomes year-round exploration from spring to winter, inviting enthusiasts to embrace Riga's aquatic charm.
Preeriakoda OÜ
The place offers exciting nature activities in Rapla County with the possibility to spend the night at native tipi tent. Our focus is on hands-on hikes. The deepest experience of nature we get by creating something in nature from natural materials. Knowing the materials and possibilities offered by nature has kept man in the deepest contact with nature throughout history.
Park of nature "Godiņu Piedzīvojumu Platforma" and "Ara flutes"
Guided hikes, cycling trips, sauna rituals, meals, and herb teas cooked over an open fire, Indian-style flute performances, and masterclasses. Tenting sites. Rentals of tents, sleeping bags, mats, hammocks, and bicycles.
SIA Supreme
Over time, an ethnographic theme park has developed here, where one can see and reminisce about the life, history, and architecture of our ancestors from centuries past. We offer horse slege tours and of couse autentic sauna experience.
Birding Haapsalu
Birdwatching and mammal watching tours in Estonia.
SIA StarSpace
Public observatory. Stargazing and educational tours.
Līgatnes Pavāru Māja
As gourmets, we prepare our food with love and a deep respect for nature. Our dishes increasingly feature gifts from nature – ingredients that have grown untouched by human interference and industrialization. When using these natural treasures, we are mindful of limits and balance to maintain biodiversity. Collaborating with nature experts, we rediscover and acquaint ourselves with the unique and characteristic flavors of our region, bringing a modern touch to our dishes. We believe in sharing ideas and efforts to leave the earth better for our children than we found it – a commitment to sustainability and culinary excellence.
SIA "OzolRasa"
Family-run guest house and natural phyto SPA by a lake.
Indietours OÜ
We are a small enthusiastic family team of nature lovers specialized in kayak and sleddog adventures. We offer fun, safe and soulful fully equipped kayaking tours mostly on the rivers of Northern Estonia, and the sea. In beautiful Kõrvemaa, we organize sleddog rides, walking hikes and photography sessions with strong and friendly alaskan malamutes. In addition to natural outdoor fun, we emphasize the therapeutic effect of connecting with nature through adventure.
Reimann Retked LLC
Nature tours focusing on active lifestyle and nature knowledge: walking, kayaking, bogshoeing, snowshoeing, beaver watching, kick sledging.
The core aim of outdoor cooking is to allow you to immerse yourself in nature while preparing local, seasonal dishes over an open flame. My personal goal is to provide you with an exceptional cooking experience in a wilderness setting. It goes beyond mere sustenance, fostering a deep connection with the environment, where open fire becomes a conduit to nature's elements. This culinary endeavor blends ancient traditions with a modern touch, empowering you to appreciate seasonal ingredients and the untamed wilderness in a condensed yet meaningful way.
Lifestyle and Wellness Tourism Agency "Power Journey“
Active outdoor recreation tours: hiking, cycling, boat rides, and nature fitness. Healthy lifestyle master classes for groups.
IK Piegozes
Wild food foraging and cooking master classes on a small hobby farm in Eastern Latvia specializing in raising rabbits, goats, chickens, ducks, and cultivating wild roses and herbs. Guided nature tours in a pine forest and the nearby nature park "Daugavas Loki", showcasing scenic views along the River Daugava.
Purvu bridēji ( )
The most experienced company in Latvia providing bogshoe hikes with knowledgeable guides. Multiple routes are available, along with options for group reservations and scheduled public hikes.
Karlamuiza Country Hotel
Country hotel in Gauja National Park. Hiking, boating, and mushroom foraging tours.
Rolands Auzins
Nature guide. Guided walks and bike rides with various distances and difficulty levels. Over 20 years of experience in nature protection.
Sofijas laivas
We are experienced in organizing canoe/kayak boat trips in the rivers of Kurzeme. We started about 16 years ago and some of our routes we were the first to discover, develop and promote in Latvia. We have a water tourism base near the Bārta river in Nīca, about 2000 people use our services every year. We also offer tours with picnic boats "Bartinera" which are inspired from Mexican Trajineras and offer a great excursion on water with pancake picnic.
Estonian Wildnest Resorts
The sauna's cost includes two boughs, hand-made soaps, sauna honey and herbal tea. For an additional fee, you can also receive a juniper bough, towels, a sauna hat, a bathrobe and some homemade beer.
Jäägri Villa (Hunting Grupp OÜ)
A hunting lodge in Kõrvemaa Landscape Reserve. Accommodation with all modern conveniences, delicious food, and a wide range of leisure opportunities in the nature.
Ozolaivas SIA
One of the leading canoe rental companies and canoe trip organizers in Zemgale region, Latvia. Regular boat trips in various locations such as Jelgava, the Great Kemeru Bog, rivers Lielupe, Iecava, Misa, Gauja and many others. Over 50 canoes available for rent.
"Atputnica" ("Resting")
We are a small company, just a few years old, run by a family couple. The idea arose when we finished renovating the 100-year-old log house we bought 10 years ago in an absolutely uniquely diverse natural environment. We wanted to share the beauty around us and the knowledge we have acquired during our lifetime. We are biologists - one with many years of experience working in a nearby nature reserve, the other with long-term experience in nature journalism. Reading the tracks of animals, observing them in their natural environment, imitating their voices has become a part of our lives. As well as the weekly ritual of the Latvian sauna, active outdoor activities both in winter and summer - with skis, snowshoes, bare feet or by boat. We invite you to join!
City Bike OÜ
Bicycle tours and rentals in Estonia and the Baltics. Our fleet includes 250 bikes: trekking bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, and cargobikes.
Fototelpa (ARETHA, Ltd.)
Company is focusing on education and training programms for adults in field of photography and video production. We provide training in studio, online and nature tourism for photographers and amateurs.
Kurzemes Putni
Birdwaching and nature tours in Western Latvia. Specialised excursions and workshops on birds, plants, fungi, mammals, lichens and mosses.
Cēsis inside
Guided nature tours in Gauja National Park and excursion tours in the town of Cēsis.
Nomadic Homes Ltd
Nature SPA and Tipi Village glamping - a natural space close to the forest and meadow. Based on the SLOW tourism concept - sustainable, local, organic, and whole. The Nomadic Homes brand of Tipi tents is created in Latvia.
Taevaskoja Meejaam OÜ
Family run small-scale farm in Taevaskoja primeval valley, Southern Estonia. Guests join the family in their everyday life: growing vegetables, tending to cattle, sheep, rabbits, beekeeping, and enjoying the surrounding nature. Hiking and canoeing trips, sauna experiences, Estonian folklore traditions, and food made from local ingredients sourced from the hosts' circular and resource-efficient farm.
SIA Mana Karte
Pre-planned self-drive touring routes for independent travelling to nature destinations in Latvia. Each route contains all the necessary information, including precise navigation coordinates, details about working hours, directions, and distance. The routes are not tracked or time-limited, allowing travelers to explore them at their own pace. While most of the routes cover a wider area and require a car, many of them also include hiking trails and other nature-related activities.
SPALVA aims to foster genuine connections, offering personalized experiences beyond typical tourism. Rejecting pre-packaged tours, we craft fulfilling programs tailored to clients' wishes. Offers include storytelling sessions with historians, ethnic-inspired retreats in Latvian countryside, and engaging cultural activities. "SPALVA," meaning "Feather," symbolizes their transition from event planning to curating unique adventures. With 15 years of expertise, we blend luxury with wilderness, guiding travelers through medieval towns and Latvia's pristine landscapes. Through hands-on crafts, tastings, and foraging expeditions, visitors immerse in local lifestyles, fostering deeper appreciation for Latvia's rich heritage and natural beauty.
Baltic Nature Travel
Tours in the Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Hiking, traditional food tasting, kayaking, city tours, workshops with local craftsmen, and biking. Tailor-made options are available for a personalized experience.
Ilmavald OÜ (LLC)
Horseback riding tours in South-East Estonian nature. World Luxury Travel Awards Winner 2022.
Ahja Matkad OÜ
Canoeing trips in Estonia.
SIA Uzzini, Iepazīsti
Nature exploration through active tourism – hiking, boating, nature photography. The events are designed to facilitate learning about nature, and fostering a deeper understanding of it.
360 DEGREES Adventure company
The largest adventure company in Estonia with 20 years of experience. Highly trained and educated guides, professional equipment. Teambuilding games and hiking equipment rentals.
BeTriton, an innovative Amphibious Camper-Trike, re-imagines sustainable outdoor travel. This 100% electric RV combines land and water exploration, making it perfect for extended journeys or weekend escapes. Enjoy unique adventures and deep nature connections, from open-fire cooking to lakeside movie nights. Share peaceful moments in nature with your partner and immerse yourselves in the world's beauty. BeTriton combines a hard-top motor boat, cargo tricycle, and cozy camper for two, ensuring continuous and immersive outdoor adventures.
Wild luxury wellness resort - design apartments, nature spa, sauna, bike rentals.
Riga Kayaking
Riga Kayaking provides self-guided kayaking tours in Riga, Latvia, allowing for personal exploration of the city from the water. Customers have the option to rent a kayak and select from various tours based on their interests. The focus is on integrating nature with the urban environment, enabling participants to discover Riga’s unique waterside perspective at their own pace. Riga Kayaking guided tours and group tours can be arranged on a request.
ZS Ozolini Zaubes pagasts
We are organic farm producing herbal tea - Lauku tēja. We preserve biodervisity and raise awerness of benefits of nature on human health and well-beeing. We offer tour around the farm and invovle visitors in special tea ceremony - herbal tea mandala workshop were each member creates their own herbal tea mixture.
Boards You
Eco-friendly family-run company offering SUP and kayak adventures for everyone. The services are suitable for families with children of all ages, disabled individuals, and even four-legged friends. Sunrise and sunset SUP and kayak rides, day-long SUP adventures with lunch, as well as two and three-day SUP and kayak expeditions and excursions. Equipment rentals.
Nature Tours Estonia
Nature tours in Peipsiveere Nature Reserve - Ramsar and Natura2000 bird and nature sites. Canoeing, SUP-boarding, hiking, foraging, dogsledding. Private tours, overnight tours, survival tours.
NGO "Sēlijas laivas"
Expeditions in nature, bicycle trips, boat trips, and environmental education trips in the south-east of Latvia.
SIA "Ūši"
Ūši is a family owned tourism farm in direct vicinity to Cape Kolka. We offer to our guests to explore, and get to love, starting from here, the most northern part of the province of Courland and to find relaxation and enjoyment at our seaside. Accomodations, camping ground, guided tours, local specialities.
OÜ Soomaa Puhkeküla
Soomaa Holiday Village is located in the middle of wild nature, on the banks of the picturesque Halliste River in Soomaa National Park. Soomaa National Park has 5 large bogs with 8 different study and hiking trails. Hiking, canoeing, boating, cycling and snowshoeing, meandering rivers and beautiful meadows await guests. We want to offer our guests a little comfort and romance in the beautiful Estonian nature.
Aktivest OÜ
Active and nature tours in the Baltic states.
Oü Naturum
One of a kind mobile hides that blend in with the scenery and does not disturb the wildlife daily activities. We are offering for 2-4 people mobile trailer hides for one of a kind Estonian nature observation. Also the suitable camouflage boat for bird watching and seal watching. Wildlife and nature and cultural heritage tours
Mustjõe Kõrtsitalu
Ethnographic holiday centre in the middle of Kõrvemaa forests. Guided tours, traditional sauna experience, and meals made from locally sourced produce.
Sled dog sports club and active tourism company. Holidays with huskies for families and adventure seekers.
Dvietes Paliene / Dviete's Floodplain
Canoeing tours in the floodplain, guided nature tours, routes and recommendations for independent touring. The nature park is a unique flocking and nesting site for migratory birds, designated as a Natura 2000 and Ramsar Convention site.
Surfhunt LTD
Tiny house accommodation by the sea, in a protected nature area. Guided nature-watching walks.
Daba Laba Ltd
Canoeing, kayaking, bow track, safaris in nature reserve territories. Meals at a restaurant "#Mežā", located in a forest. The food is prepared from clean, local, natural raw materials, and cooked in specially built ovens.
Uuejärve Matkapesa OÜ
Uuejärve Homestay, located at North-Kõrvemaa nature reserve and Natura2000 area, offers you genuine wilderness experiences as well as the opportunity to vacation in a typical Estonian farmhouse. At the 20-ha private property you’ll can find protected birds as the Ural owl, pygmy owl, hazel grouse, black woodpecker, the mistle thrush and Brandt’s bat. From plants there are: Pulsatilla patens, club moss, Dactylorhiza fuchsii, lesser butterfly-orchid and many others unique plants. It's a backpacker's and nature lovers paradise - lot of trails, rivers and lakes, forest food and possibilities to hike with different equipment. Every step outside is already like hiking all year around. During summer by bikes, SUP-boards, canoes and bog shoes, during winter skis, kick sledges, skates and snowshoes.
We are an adventure tourism company who organizes electric FATbike and motorcycle trips around Estonia for people to enjoy nature and experience something new.
Million star hotel
Water activities on a lake: SUP boarding on classic, wind, and family-class boards. A catamaran, and boats for fishing and enjoying the lake. E-bicycles. Mobile sauna with a terrace and a lake view from the panoramic window. Two family-sized glamping tents by the lake.
SIA “Kainaiži”
The "Kainaži" homestead, dating back 150 years and nestled between Smiltene and Rauna, offers a serene escape enveloped by ancient oak trees. It's a botanical haven with over 300 maple, birch, and walnut tree species. The Labanovskis family has a long-standing tradition of crafting and promoting birch and maple juices, inspired by Canadian syrup production techniques. All "Birzī" products are biologically certified. Līvija and Ervins, drawn from city life, pursue their juice-focused dream in the countryside. Visitors can tour the processing facilities, sample various birch juices, including sparkling ones, and explore birch juice syrup. Additionally, they can engage in birch switch crafting and savor outdoor group lunches.
Movement Spontaneous
We organise regular outdoor events, hikes, expeditions, kayaking, sailing trips and hot air balloon flights. Targeted to foreigners and expacts living in Latvia. All the events are in English.
OÜ Viis aastaaega /
Soomaa national park local guides. Canoeing, kickbiking, bogshoeing, kicksledding, and snowshoeing trips.
Romvelli OÜ
Nature observation tours, mushroom tours, field and forest plant introduction tours, and ‘herbs in your garden’ tours. Accommodations for up to 30 people, catering services for up to 75 people, seminars and events.
Muuski is a project conceived by two dreamers, with a clear goal from the outset: to create a place where individuals can connect with nature. The idea is to construct tents amidst vast meadows, seamlessly integrating them into the protected landscape, while providing the modern comforts necessary today, all while respecting and preserving the surrounding environment and heritage. We aim to showcase the unique beauty of Latvia's nature.
Family-owned boutique eco-guesthouse in pristine wilderness, 150m from a white sandy beach. Activities: bird watching, boating, Nordic walking, fish smoking, archery, wild plant workshops. Yoga and meditation with gong and crystal bowl. Wood-fired sauna and hot tub. UK host.
SIA Sigulda Adventures
We offer most amazing bucket-list adventures in beautiful National park of Gauja, Latvia: Fly like a bird in "Aerodium Sigulda" Bungee jump from cable car Ride through the National park with Cable car Sigulda Zipline "Zērglis" - soar above Gauja valley Ride all the adventures trails with Smart Bikes Adventures on water - boat tours by River Adventures
Mooska OÜ
The Smoke sauna, is in the list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Be prepared for one of a kind soul tour for ~3 hours. It includes guided sauna sessions, dips to cold water or ice hole if you are lucky, body scrubs and a relaxing.
Wanderlust is your guide in nature! Whether you're planning a team event or hike, workshop or training day, a pre- or post-conference tour, or a trip introducing local nature anywhere in Estonia, helps to organize your event in an environmentally friendly and professional manner.
Don’t Panic / Nature Gallery
Nature Gallery is an innovative concept, offering a multi-season summer event that combines science, art, unique design, gastronomy, technology, and cultural events in a single location. Nature Gallery operates in three ways: daytime sessions, group sessions, and at night it transforms into an Untamed accommodation. "Untamed nights" provide an adventurous experience for those seeking a connection with nature, new emotions, and unique encounters. It is designed to inspire, bring joy, and offer unprecedented experiences. It is ideal for individuals who prioritize inspiration over comfort and convenience, and who wish to immerse themselves in the songs of birds, the soothing sounds of the river, the serene atmosphere of a lake at night, the enchantment of the forest, and the radiant hues of a setting sun. It provides a retreat from the daily hustle and bustle of urban life, allowing visitors to find peace and well-being in the captivating charm of nature.
Baltic Travel Group
We provide full ground handling services including hotels, guiding, transportation, activities and much more, all over the Baltic States. Our experienced Inbound Tours team handles a full spectrum of Baltic tours, from city breaks, escorted tours and ad-hoc leisure groups to customized multi-destination tours and special interest groups. We believe that our clients should get an easy and enjoyable experience when working with our experienced team of tour operators.
Sea Kayaking Estonia OÜ
Sea Kayaking tours and expeditions on Estonian coastline and islands, and canoeing in Soomaa National Park. All equipment meets British Canoeing standards. Our leaders and coaches have British Canoeing certification to run world class water based activities.
Sense of Team Adventure
Sense of Team works with people, groups, and organizations for more than 20 years because they like it and are good at it! We create and manage adventure expeditions with the aim of creating multicoloured programmes - caves, mountains, rivers, sea, rocks, snow, etc., and dynamic programmes with therapeutic purposes - meaningful conversations with the members of the group and individual reflections on what we have witnessed and experienced and how it all fits and reflects in our daily life. We feel pleased if it helps participants to better understand themselves and their current place in life.
Easy Ride
Nature Highlights E-bike Tours: guided adventures in Limbaži and Cēsis, Latvia.
Jagala Juga OÜ
Just 20km from Tallinn you can find yourself in nature, in total nature bliss. Jägala juga villa is one-of-a-kind villa in a clean and bright pine forest has no analogues in the world. Thanks to its unique design, you can have a mesmerizing view of the river through the panoramic window high above the ground. All you need is taken care of. A top level guided spa ritual, or some recreation in nature with SUP boards, boat, yoga, hiking.
Cycling Adventures
Bicycle tours in Latvia exploring forest paths and small roads, wild nature, countryside, quiet old towns, culture and local hospitality. A range of routes suitable for all levels, guided by experienced cycling guides. Full-service packages include bicycles, accommodation, meals, and transportation.
SIA Lūzumpunkts
Lūzumpunkts is a hub of diverse outdoor experiences such as hikes, kayaking adventures, and outdoor games. With a team of friendly outdoor professionals, we're always ready for new adventures, from forest ski hikes and bogshoe hiking to electric FATBIKE events and walking along shallow rivers (upings). We cater to groups, corporate teams, and individuals, offering versatile programs. Our outdoor base, Punkts Brasla, serves as both an activity hub and an accommodation option, allowing guests to immerse themselves in nature with overnight stays.
Prangli Reisid OÜ
Locally owned and operated tour company. Guided tours in Tallinn and North-Estonia, away from mainstream tourism and focusing on nature, local culture, and lifestyle. Experienced outdoor guides.