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Global Birdfair in Estonian stand you can meet Metsarestoran Forest Restaurant, Culinary Delights in the Heart of the Woods** Nestled deep in the forest, our unique restaurant, Forest Feast, offers an authentic dining experience surrounded by an array of plants, berries, and mushrooms. We prepare our dishes on a live fire and grill, using the freshest wild ingredients combined with the finest products from local vendors. The journey to our restaurant is an experience in itself, winding through forest trails where guests learn about edible plants and the historical and traditional context of the former dairy farm on which we're situated. For those looking for a deeper connection with nature, we offer extended foraging walks and forest food workshops with our head chef. Join us at Forest Feast for a meal where nature meets culinary excellence, and discover flavors as wild and fresh as the surroundings.
Global Birdfair in Estonian stand will be NaTourEst Bear Watching Hides and Nature Observation Tours The company offers nature walks in the forests of Alutaguse nature park by snowshoeing, walking, sledding, etc. If you're keen to see large mammals such as moose and deer, or even Estonia's predators—bears, wolves, and lynxes—we provide the perfect experience for you. Our exclusive bear-watching hides in Alutaguse National Park offer a unique opportunity for those interested in a discreet wildlife encounter. These are the only hides in Estonia specially designed for observing bears in their natural habitat. Alongside bears, you might also spot other animals and birds during your visit. Join us for an unparalleled adventure into the wild, where Estonia's rich biodiversity comes to life right before your eyes.

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Baltic Nature Tourism Summer Newsletter #06

What’s new this summer on

Explore over 150 nature tourism destinations across Latvia and Estonia with our detailed Baltic Nature Tourism Map. Perfect for planning your next vacation, this map highlights the best spots for experiencing the natural beauty of the Baltic States. Start your adventure today!

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Baltic Nature Tourism Summer Newsletter #05

Summer is the best season for outdoor activities, thanks to warm weather and long days. This is the time when camping, swimming in lakes, or enjoying the Baltic Sea are highly popular. In the Baltics, locals appreciate nature, often taking walks by the seaside, enjoying the pleasant evenings under starry skies, and catching the beautiful early morning sunrise.

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Baltic Nature Tourism Spring Newsletter #04

Welcome to our 4th edition of Baltic Nature Tourism’s newsletter. As spring approaches, the Baltic region blossoms with exciting outdoor activities. Keep reading to learn about the various outdoor activities available in the beautiful Baltic region this spring

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Baltic Nature Tourism Winter Newsletter #03

Welcome to the third edition of Baltic Nature Tourism's updates, where we're excited to present to you the finest nature and outdoor activities in winter in Latvia and Estonia.


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Baltic Nature Tourism Autumn Newsletter #02

The second issue showcases autumn's top attractions. Bird-watching tours with ornithologists allow you to observe bird migration. Wild animals become more active during this time as they increase their food intake for winter. On a guided tour led by knowledgeable mycologists, you can spot over 100 varieties of fungi. Additionally, the weather remains suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking and even zipline rides.


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Baltic Nature Tourism Newsletter #01

Welcome to the first of our updates from Baltic Nature Tourism. For the next couple of months we will bring you regular and fascinating insights that showcase the finest nature and outdoor tours and activities from Latvia and Estonia and tailor-made for the UK market. The Baltic countries are ideal nature tourism destinations as it's all so incredibly accessible with wild and untouched nature less than an hour's drive from the capital cities of Tallinn or Riga.

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