Guided tour in Slitere Nacional park exploring nature and history of the place


The tour leads through the Slitere National park, which is known, with good reason, as an open-air museum showing the historical development of the Baltic Sea. Nowadays evidence of geological events is seen in the Blue Hills of Slītere, which stand 20 to 30 meters high above what was the shore of the Baltic Ice lake 10 000 years ago. The nature trail located on the hillside leads through several biotopes especially protected by the European Union, such as slope and ravine forests, wet forests, as well as a calcareous marsh, while the Slītere lighthouse located on the top of the hills offers a view across the Irbe Strait to the Estonian island of Saaremaa. The tour also includes a walk along the Pēteezer’s trail through the Littorina Sea formed Europe’s largest set of dune ramparts and damp hollows between those ramparts formed 8000 to 9000 years ago and visiting fishing villages and cultural objects of the Livonian coast, established by the world’s smallest ethnic minority, the Livonians. Tour ends at the most distinct headland of Latvia – Cape Kolka with the breathtaking views of the beach with the storms washed out pines. The tour combines walking and car driving distances.

Tour profile

A day tour: 5 - 6 h
8km hike; 60km drive
Slitere Nacional park
Who can participate?
Individuals, Groups (max 15 persons) minimum 1 pers.
Spring, Summer, Autumn
120 EUR per day
Included: guide services
Not included: transportation, entrence fees to the atractions, meals, accommodation
Practical Information
  • Pick-up is not possible
  • Notes Please wear weather-appropriate clothing and shoes.
    Accomodation available: a spacious hikers friendly house at Baltic Sea coast in direct vicinity to Cape Kolka for up to 4 adults and 3 children.
    Optional: tasting of local food