Exploring the Gates of the River Daugava


This pre-planned and diverse travel route is conveniently located near the city centre of Riga and easily accessible by various modes of transportation. The itinerary will take you to the scenic Song Hill, guide you through the intriguing military passages of Mangaļsala fortification, share the secrets of becoming a werewolf, and introduce you to the mystical spirits of the ships. And in the middle of the adventure, you will learn the street art of Riga and fully breathe in the sea – this is the road opposite the gate of the River Daugava. Unlock the route on the platform, get access to all the necessary information and start by simply travelling from one point to the next.

Tour profile

6 hours
18 km car drive/bike ride (total distance between points of interest); 3-12 km hike (at points of interest, all are optional)
Who can participate?
Individuals (max 0 persons) minimum 1 pers.
Spring, Summer, Autumn
Initial content for free, then 4.99 EUR/month
Practical Information
  • Pick-up is not possible
  • Notes The Grand Stage at Mežaparks (starting point) is open every day from 08:00 till 20:00.
    Observation tower “Ziemeļblāzma” is accessible every day from 10:00 till 20:00 but you have to buy an entrance ticket.

    In summertime, many people spend their time by the sea around Mangaļsala and it might sometimes be a bit of a challenge to find a parking spot near some of the objects in the final part of the route.

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