Wetland Tour and Overnight Stay on a Bog Island


A 45-minute drive from Tartu brings you to Peipsiveere Nature Reserve, one of Estonia's wildest and least populated areas. This vast and unspoiled wetland, a Ramsar site, shelters numerous endangered species and is teeming with signs of wildlife activity. It's home to iconic Estonian animals like wolves, bears, and lynxes, along with elusive birds, notably eagles. The reserve is exceptionally tranquil, free from artificial noises in this remote region. On our hike, we'll spend the night on a secluded bog island, immersed in pristine nature amidst expansive bog landscapes. Dinner will be prepared using seasonal forest ingredients on a camping stove, and we'll sleep in tree tents. In the morning, we'll enjoy breakfast and hike back to the starting point, all under the guidance of an experienced local nature guide.

Tour profile

Overnight tour
7 km bog hike
Peipsiveere Nature Reserve
Who can participate?
Individuals, Groups (max 9 persons) minimum 1 pers.
Spring, Summer, Autumn
Group price 1-4 person 280 EUR
Every additional person 70 EUR
Minimum age 13+
Max group size 9 persons

Included in price:
Tour guide service
Catering - two meals
Tree tents (hammocks)
Practical Information
  • Pick-up not possible

    – weather appropriate clothing (long and insect-proof)
    – spare clothes (socks and something warm for the night)
    – shoes (comfortable hiking boots or rubber boots)
    – insect repellent
    – enough drinking water
    – personal food dishes and cutlery
    – headlamp
    – sleeping bag and hiking mat
    – a comfortable and sufficiently spacious backpack, which can hold overnight equipment (tree tent, sleeping bag, mat), drinking water, some food (we distribute the food supplies we can take with us to the hikers' backpacks), personal equipment.

    NOTE! We are located in a countryside (45 km from Tartu) and we dont offer transportservice. Please use your own transportation.