Group event “8 Steps to Flying Higher”


Elevate your team dynamics with "Fly 8 Steps Higher," a transformative team-building event set in nature. Uncover essential lifestyle principles, cultivating awareness and inner harmony. Embrace the now, fostering self-reflection, trust, and shared exploration. Engage in interactive games, heartfelt discussions, and "CREATION Health" principles spanning mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Receive cheers and encouragement for personal evolution. Embark on an extraordinary journey of unity, growth, and connection. Join us for this exceptional opportunity to soar together towards a more empowered future.

Tour profile

Additional activities
4-8 hours
6-9 km hike, activities
Gauja National Park
Who can participate?
Groups (max 28 persons) minimum 2 pers.
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
1280 EUR/up to 8 participants; 2250 EUR/up to 15 participants; 140 EUR/+1 participant in a group of over 15 people
Included in price Guide, tour, program
Not included in price: Transport (optional), meal
Practical Information
  • Pick-up is possible from Riga or Tallin
  • Notes To fully enjoy the "Fly 8 Steps Higher" experience, be prepared with:

    Weather-appropriate clothing: Connect with nature in attire suitable for the forecast. Shield yourself from wind, rain, or sun. Don't forget a raincoat, jacket, or hat if needed.

    Sturdy hiking shoes: Venture into new horizons with reliable and stable hiking shoes. They ensure comfort and safety on beautiful nature trails.

    Personal water bottle: Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle, keeping you refreshed while caring for the environment.

    Positive attitude: Approach the event as an opportunity for self-discovery, learning new skills, and cherishing unforgettable moments in nature. Open up and embrace new possibilities!

    Great company: Share this experience with colleagues ready to embrace new challenges and celebrate shared achievements. Being supportive and receiving support will foster an unbreakable team spirit!

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