Sunsets with the seals, birds and seascapes in Kihnu straits archipelago


We are visiting with the purposely build wildlife watching boat the sea areas around Kihnu islands for experiencing the wealth of wildlife (seals and seabirds) in the scenic seascapes and sunsets environment. The boat with the mirror glass cabin allow us to not disturb wildlife and stay in comfort despite of the elements. In addition to observing nature above the waterline, we are also exploring the environment via using underwater drone with video feed for discovering seals, fish and other sealife: underwater "forests" of aqutic plants and algae, mussel covered rocky formations.

Tour profile

Additional activities
Bird watching
4-6 hours
20-40 km with motor boat
Kihnu strait nature park
Who can participate?
Individuals, Groups (max 6 persons) minimum 3 pers.
Summer, Autumn
Groups 3-6 persons, charge 99 EUR/person.
Practical Information
  • Pick-up for extra charge
  • Notes we provide the safety gear. Boat have heating and ventilation, but for stay with open windows and exploring islands, light fleece, and wind jacket are recommended. The sea exploration is weather dependent and in case of adverse weather, the trip might be cancelled or rescheduled.