Country Living Amidst Nature


The family-run active leisure park, located near a secluded beach in the western part of Latvia, serves as an adventure platform for you to explore the surrounding nature at a leisurely pace. You have the freedom to create your own day's program: opt for a relaxed hike along a former railway line, expertly guided by the host; rent a bike to venture into the picturesque rural surroundings; unwind in a traditional sauna, indulge in refreshing local herb tea or birch sap, and delight in delicious food cooked over an open fire at a designated picnic spot. As evening descends, let the soothing melodies of the host's handmade Native American flute and captivating tales of a life lived in harmony with nature enrich your experience.

Tour profile

3-5 hours
1 km hike (10 km possible)
Medze parish
Who can participate?
Individuals, Groups (max 20 persons) minimum 1 pers.
25 EUR/person
Included in price: Guided hike, flute performance, meal cooked on a bonfire, tea with home-made honey
Not included in price: Transport, making your own wooden flute (optional), bike and tent rent (optional)
Sauna 50 EUR (optional)
It is possible to purchase wooden flutes on site
Practical Information
  • Pick-up is not possible
  • Notes Please wear weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes.
    Beware of mosquitoes and ticks.