Herbal Tea Mandala Workshop


The Herbal Tea Mandala workshop is a unique tea ceremony designed to craft a personalized herbal tea blend for each participant. The ceremony comprises several steps, beginning with a brief grounding meditation. Participants define their intentions for the tea mixture and engage their senses by selecting five herbs through smelling, looking, touching, tasting, and hearing. These chosen herbs are then arranged into a mandala, and finally, all the ingredients are mixed to create the customized herbal tea blend. Throughout this process, participants connect with their individual sensations and learn about the properties of each herb. The workshop also includes a farm tour, offering insights into the habitat and herb production methods used in the tea ceremony.

Tour profile

Additional activities
Nature retreats
2 hours
Hike adjusted to the interests of the group up to 3 km
"Annas Ozoliņi" Cēsu novads. Zaubes pagasts, Annas
Who can participate?
Individuals, Groups (max 15 persons) minimum 1 pers.
Summer, Spring, Autumn
Private tour 1 person: 121 EUR
Small group up to 5 persons: 242 EUR
Included in price: Tour, guide, all materials for workshop
Not included in price: Transport
Practical Information
  • Pick-up is possible pick up from Riga. Up to 4 persons.
  • Notes Transport is possible for up to 4 people from Riga, Sigulda, Cēsis or from Augšlīgatne.