Kayaking Tour in Ķemeri National Park


Experience an unforgettable sunrise, daytime or sunset kayaking tour in one of the largest peat bogs on the Latvian coast - Ķemeri National Park.
The bog is approximately 8000 years old and is characterized by a winding labyrinth of small lakes and pools, which gives it a unique and picturesque landscape. On the eastern edge of the Great Ķemeri Bog, a peat quarry was started during the Soviet era, but after the year 2000, a bog restoration project was implemented, resulting in its flooding. In the flooded area, a labyrinth of channels and pools has formed, creating a distinctive and unusual scenery. The bog lake showcases a diverse landscape, with low-lying herbaceous bogs, transitional areas, and the characteristic plants, shrubs, and trees of tall peat bogs. Whether during the day, at sunset, or at sunrise, the views are truly captivating!

Tour profile

3 hours 30 minutes
4 km kayaking
Great Kemeri Bog
Who can participate?
Individuals, Groups (max 60 persons) minimum 2 pers.
Summer, Spring, Autumn
40 EUR/per boat (2-3 people per boat)
Minimum Charge for Private Tour: 210 EUR
Included in price: Guide, kayak, paddles, safety vest, equipment transportation to and from the starting point
Not included in price: Snacks for the break during the tour
Practical Information
  • Pick-up is not possible
  • Notes Please wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing.
    There is a rest break during the tour.

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