Canoeing Through the Apocalyptic Smarde's Green Bog


In the mid-20th century, Smarde's Green Bog witnessed peat extraction until the revelation of hydrogen sulfide mineral waters beneath, leading to the cessation of peat mining in 1960. This halt also marked the end of water pumping from peat quarries, transforming them into water reservoirs. Despite the mining's cessation, drainage systems persist in influencing the bog's water dynamics. Cormorants, or sea crows, have chosen this altered landscape as their habitat, crafting nests among the withered trees. The bog's vivid emerald waters, alongside desiccated trees and cormorant colonies, form its distinctive hallmark, resulting in a uniquely captivating landscape with an almost apocalyptic ambiance.

Tour profile

2 hours 30 minutes
3 km canoeing
Kudra, Smarde parish
Who can participate?
Individuals, Groups (max 40 persons) minimum 10 pers.
Spring, Summer, Autumn
32 EUR/per small canoe (2 persons), 36 EUR/per medium canoe (2-3 persons), 40 EUR/per large canoe (3-4 persons)
Included in price: Guide, equipment rental (canoe, safety vests, paddles)
Not included in price: Waterproof bag (optional), transport, snacks and drinking water
Minimum number of canoes for a tour to be organised is 5.
Practical Information
  • Pick-up is not possible
  • Notes You will get an email with detailed information before 19:00 one day before your adventure. Keep in mind that the event can be cancelled in case of bad weather. One rest break is planned. Sunrise, sunset and day canoeing is possible.

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