E-Bike Cēsis-Līgatne


Our journey begins with a Cēsis town guided tour, ideal for e-bike riding. After a coffee break at a charming local café, we'll head towards the Gauja River. Following a forest trail along the Gauja, passing through Rakši and Ozolkalns, we'll reach the Amata Zvārtes cliffs. Continuing, we'll visit the Ķūķu Cliffs and Līgatne Rehabilitation Center village, with the impressive Spriņģi cliffs nearby. You can choose between a road or various forest trail options to reach historic Līgatne village. The journey concludes at Līgatne Nature Trails Information Center.

Tour profile

5 hours
50km cycling
Cesis, Ligatne
Who can participate?
Individuals, Groups (max 5 persons) minimum 3 pers.
Spring, Summer, Autumn
50 EUR/person
Included in price: Guide, E-Bike rental, cycling helmet, E-cycling training and technical support
Practical Information
  • Pick-up is not possible
  • Notes Personal cars can be left in advance at the Līgatne Nature Trails parking area, and we will provide transportation for the driver to the starting point of the journey in Cēsis.
    For the trip, please bring:
    -A small backpack for personal belongings
    -Drinking water and a snack for energy
    -Wind/rain jacket for unexpected weather
    -Season-appropriate clothing
    -Highly recommended padded cycling shorts for comfortable riding
    -Cycling gloves for safety and comfort.